About us

Tododisca US is a media about disability, dependency, elderly, health, economy and welfare news. The team is made up of a group of people with different abilities. Our experiences have led us to create this informative media with more than 26 million users per month in order to help other people to have all the information available that our readers demand.

Leader in Health

All Health becomes the absolute leader in the disability, dependence and health category in Spain, according to Comscore data (Sept 2021).

Its founder Francisco Zuasti, an expert in accessibility and with a cervical spinal cord injury (90% disability), serves as our guide to orient this media to social issues such as disability, dependence and disabling health related topics.



  • María Tamayo Acosta
  • Francisco Javier Zuasti Garrido (partner)


  • Manuel Jesús Ruiz Berdejo López
  • Alejandro Jiménez Perdigones
  • Daniel Saldaña
  • Leticia Alvarado Sabater
  • Fernando Lucena