3 ways to know if honey is pure or adulterated

The following are the best techniques we can use to demonstrate whether a honey is pure or adulterated


Honey is a food full of properties, perfect to sweeten infusions, drinks or to include in cooking recipes. It is also an ideal home remedy to mix with lemon to solve throat problems. However, there is a wide dilemma to identify which honey is pure or chemically adulterated.

For this reason, we must look at the labeling when buying honey, but if in this case the difference does not seem clear, in this article we will discover the best tricks to know if a honey is pure or adulterated.

In this sense, we call pure honey the product made by the bees without any type of later addition. This is the one that is collected as it is from the hive and packaged for direct consumption. If the honey has undergone a pasteurization process at 63 degrees, it is necessary to speak of pasteurized honey, which has no therapeutic uses.

Benefits of honey

Before going on to discover the differences between pure honey or pasteurized honey, let’s see what are the benefits that honey can bring to the organism:

It should be noted that these benefits of natural honey are greater than in pasteurized honey. The first one has not been subjected to any kind of heating or elaboration process. While industrial honey is pasteurized, so it loses quality in the process.

How to know if honey is pure or adulterated

Sometimes, pure and adulterated honey may seem to be the same. However, in this article we are going to give you the perfect tricks so that you can know the differences between the two honeys:

Overturn the honey jar

If you want to check if a honey is pure or adulterated, when you go to buy it, overturn the honey jar and if the bubble that forms goes slowly, it means that it is pure honey, if it moves fast, it means that it is a honey with alterations.

Microwave test

Put the honey on a plate and put it in the microwave. If it hardens, the honey is of good quality. If it remains liquid, the honey is pasteurized.

Natural honey crystallizes

After some time in the pantry, honey hardens to the point that it crystallizes, which means that the honey is pure. If it remains with a syrup-like consistency, the honey is fake or adulterated.